PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 ARE PROHIBITED TO PLAY REMOTE TABLE GAMES It is prohibited to gamble persons who are under the age of 18 years. Be warned, irresponsible gambling can become an addiction to gambling cause

Betting guide

To log in, you must enter your e-mail address and the password.

However, if you forget your details or part of them, use the Forgot my password function.

Every our authorized (approved) live betting client has “Client’s card” and “PIN code card” . These cards are issued automatically after the clients signs the contract at a betting shop or online and uploads a copy of his/her identification document. The client is approved after checking the document. In order to upload a copy of own personal document, you need to login in our website and go to "Deposit" -> "Money Outpayment" -> "Upload Document" -> "Select File" -> "Submit".

The document must comply with the following criteria:
  • The document's content must be of good quality (clear and unambiguous understanding of the data.
  • The document must show:
    1. First name
    2. Last Name
    3. Date Of Birth
    4. Personal No.
    5. Document expiration date
    6. Your face
  • The document types which we accepting:
    1. Passport
    2. Identity Card (ID)
    3. Driver's license

To become a UAB “Top Sport” client and use all betting services provided, you need to create your account on the betting site.

1. Please fill in the registration form carefully and follow the instructions;

2. After completing the first step, check your e-mail and follow further instructions.

3. You need to provide accurate personal and contact details.

4. Customize your betting options and click on SAVE. Your registration will be then completed.

5. Having completed all the actions, deposit a desired amount of money into your balance and start betting.

When you have signed agreement at a betting shop, and you want to start using the online services, you will need to complete only a part of standard registration procedure:

1. You will have to enter your e-mail address in the E-mail/User field, and enter your personal identification number, which is your primary account password, in the next field. Then click on LOG IN.

Use the Forgot my password function. Or, you may contact the TOP Sport customer service by :



Placing bets is easy, it consists of three steps:

1. Select the filtering level of the desired sports (kind of sport, country, league);

2. Select the event which you would like to place a bet for and click on the desired event outcome.

3. All your selections appear on the site betting slip which is called My bets; you need to select the type of bet:

Single bet

It is a usual type of betting, when there is only one event outcome on the betting slip (the least risk group). Note: when this bet is selected and there is more than one event on the slip when placing a bet, the events will be allocated into separate slips.

Multi bet

Type of bet when desired event outcomes are combined together (two or more events on the slip, and not more than 30 events). The advantage of this bet is higher odds, which bring larger forecasted winnings.

Systemic bet

These are combinations of the outcomes of three and more events from which systems are formed. During the system formation you may also select event constants.

A constant - is a fixed event included into all systems; the number of constants affects the number of possible combinations in the system.

4. Enter the amount for the bet, and select Place a bet.


The winnings of the winning slips that were placed online are transferred to the client’s balance immediately after results are processed.

Convenient, fast, secure and most popular methods of depositing your account are available to you. Please find more information on deposit methods on the Deposits/Withdrawals section.

Client’s account may be deposited at any Top Sport betting shop by submitting a client’s identification slip (and personal identity document).

If you have decided to discontinue the Top Sport client’s status, you may do it online, after loging in as a client and going to My details, by clicking the button at the bottom of the page Terminate my betting agreement. (THIS FUNCTION IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE)

The agreement can be terminated at the betting shop, where the client had signed the agreement by providing the client’s identification slip and personal identity document. After termination of the agreement, all the money remaining in the client’s account will be returned to the client (and the client’s PIN slips will be taken).


Bet slip Support

  1. 1 Select sports
  2. 2 Select the event and its outcome;
  3. 3 Select the type of stake and the amount;